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Pet Urns & Other Pet Memorial and Bereavement Products

Heartland Pet Cremation offers a wide variety of permanent urns to choose from, including engraved and picture urns.  To view our full selection of options, please click on one of the categories below.

Photo Urn Collection Photo Urn Bring your beloved companion home in a beautifully made solid stone cremation urn with attached photo holder and memory candle set | Heartland Pet Cremation Candle Urns
Display all of your favorite pet photographs with the latest in digital memorial technology | Heartland Pet Cremation Digital Photo Urns These urns are true works-of-art as they are hand forged and carved by old-world artisans from India | Heartland Pet CremationPaw Print Series
Beautifully made solid metal cremation urns designed specifically for felines | Heartland Pet CremationPrecious Kitty Real Marble Urns in 3 colors with personalization | Heartland Pet CremationMarble Vase Urns
 Over 700 breeds of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, iguanas, ferrets and more! | Heartland Pet CremationFigurine Urns Metal vase urns made from solid steel. Available in three popular colors - Silver, Gold or Copper Antique | Heartland Pet CremationSpecial Vases
Hollow outdoor imitation rocks with bottom plug and nameplate | Heartland Pet CremationRock Urns Simple boxes in Maple, Oak & Walnut with brass nameplates | Heartland Pet CremationTraditional Urns
Hollow cat figurine urns with Walnut display base and nameplate | Heartland Pet CremationFaithful Feline Urns 
Upright urns in Maple, Oak & Walnut which display your favorite Photo Urns 
Beautiful Pet Urns in Cherry, Oak & Walnut which display your favorite Tower Photo Urns An image of your photograph is engraved onto a polished solid black marble plaque | Heartland Pet CremationMarble Images
Photo Urns designed for pet owners who wish to display their favorite 4Framed Photo Urns 100% Granite burial markers delivered in 14-17 days | Heartland Pet CremationBurial Markers
  K-9 Cottage Urns Engraved brass and plastic nameplates | Heartland Pet CremationPlates (no urn)



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