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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to have my pet cremated?

We have one charge regardless of the size of your pet that includes;

  • Pick up of your pet at your home or vets office
  • Transportation of your pet to our facility
  • A private cremation to assure you will only receive your pet's remains
  • A basic urn (white hard plastic urn)
  • The process usually takes about three days, at which point we will call you and arrange the return of the remains.
  • That cost is $295
  • If you would like to bring your pet to us, Monday through Friday, 8-5, we will take off our $50 transportation fee, for a total or $245.

Can I watch the start of the cremation?

You may, there is a charge associated with that, because our insurance company says we have to have the incinerator cooled down for at least 12 hours before we can have a family present for the start of the cremation. Essentially you are renting the machine for half a day. That charge is $100 and can be scheduled first thing in the morning, 9am, Monday through Friday.

When can you pick up my pet?

Our business hours are 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.  If you have an appointment scheduled within our business hours, we can meet you at your home or vets office as close to that appointment time as possible. 

Do you have urns?

Yes, we have a very large variety.  All of our urns can be seen online.

How do I know that my pet is cremated by himself?

You pet will come home with a individual numbered cycle tag attached to the remains, which will correspond to our records. At any point may call us and ask who was cremated in cycle number XXXX, we will look in our records and read off your name, your pets name, the weight, the time we started the cremation and the date.  

How far will you travel to pick up my pet?

Our service range is 50 miles from Downtown St. Louis, outside of that range; we will charge $2 per mile.

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