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Chloe Lowe


Chloe (3/15/2000 – 10/14/2011)

Chloe Lowe

 11 years and 7 months of countless memories, but no words to describe our pain at losing you and what you have meant to us over the years. You have left a huge hole in all of our lives that will get smaller with time, but will never, ever disappear.  You were such a wonderful, loyal and loving companion.  Each day that you lived brought joy to those around you.  Your caring nature was evident to all that knew you…   You embraced “motherhood” by taking in the other dogs as your own and loving and nurturing them over the years.  Perhaps, they are mourning even more than we know since they don’t understand where you have gone.  I hope your last breath was painless as you laid in Daddy’s lap as I stroked your head with calming reassurance.  You left this earth with dignity and class of which you rightfully deserved!  You had a heart twice the size of humans and did nothing more than try to please us every day!  You were a beautiful dog too with a coat of black silk!  And while are hearts may be torn and broken by your passing, we can still smile and rejoice knowing that you are in heaven running and playing like a puppy.        



We love you Chloe, and we always will. Thank you for showing us the true meaning of that word.   You will never be forgotten!  We miss you…

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