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Miles Rogers

 May 4, 2003 - September 5, 2011 

Miles Rogers



Miles went ahead on the path too soon but he lived his life fully. He was adventuresome, full of energy, and had a zest for life. We could never keep up with Miles. He was always ahead of us on the path when we were hiking; ahead of us when we were running and led the pack when we were walking. He would always wait for us. He would look back with a big smile that said, “Are you coming?”

Miles loved life. He loved his daddy more than anything in the world. He loved bones and steak and Kongs filled with goodies. He loved wrestling with his brother Sunny but usually let him win. He loved the wind in his hair as he ran; a big smile on his face. Water was his passion. He made snow angels in the winter and helped make (and destroy) snowmen. He swam in the ocean, in pools, in lakes and in our backyard. Now he will swim in the Mississippi river to the ocean. His spirit was too big, too strong for his own body. Now his spirit is free. 

Miles was our constant companion; our Moot Magic. He will stay in our hearts forever.

Miles enriched our lives in so many ways and he reminded us of life’s simple lessons. Love with reckless abandon. Smile. Enjoy every moment. Trust others.  Don’t sweat the small stuff. Miles taught us how to be patient. He taught us how to love life and not take things too seriously. He kept us grounded. He made us better parents. He made us better people. Thank you, Miles. You will always be our prince. We love you and we will always keep you close to our hearts. See you further on down the path. 


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